Bi-monthly 3 hour evening business/networking meetings that feature a guest expert to share insights about a specific Human Resource issue. A connecting experience that brings Human Resource practitioners together to meet and greet.


One day mini-conferences that feature a collection of Human Resource experts to provide attendees with insights and skills in a specific area. Previous conferences include, 'The Six Competencies of Leadership', 'Leadership in An Age of Millennials', 'When Women Lead'. The focus of the mini conferences is on a targeted population of members (i.e. Millennials, Women in Professional Leadership Roles, First Time Supervisors) who are looking to advance their skill set.


 An annual State of Michigan, NAAAHR conference that features a series of skill breakout sessions lead by the best in the Human Resource field, Keynote Speakers who do more than motivate and a wonderful gathering of State of Michigan members engaged in day long professional development.

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One-on-one career coaching from experts in the field. Human Resource consultants who specialize in moving up, moving across or moving out of the organization. No need for your career to be stagnant with a group of skilled professionals to advise on the steps to take on your career path.


Professional camaraderie with Human Resource professionals who know and understand the issues that trend within the profession.

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