Our Mission and Vision

NAAAHR, Michigan Chapter, exists to provide a unique global forum for the career development of Black and African American human resources professionals.


The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR), is an inspirational and unique career development and networking powerhouse for Black and African American human resources practitioners and those who are aligned with our goals to provide: Networking, Career Opportunities, Educational and Professional Development, Mentorship and Coaching and Tools, Tips and Resources. These opportunities will enhance the careers of our members and position them to be key contributors of the strategic direction of their organizations!

Our History

Incorporated in September 1998 in the State of Maryland, the NAAAHR was co-sponsored by the Baltimore Black Human Resources Network and the Washington DC Black Human Resources Network. The NAAAHR was formed by a coalition of 17 local organizations of Black and African American professionals and consultants from many cities across the country.

The Association’s social media community is made up of a collection of over 15,000 HR members, affiliates and operates over 25 chapters and interest groups throughout the nation. Many of the members are affiliated with other professional and trade organizations but find their local NAAAHR chapter a valued resource for shared learning, professional development and personal growth opportunities.

Our Goals

  • To establish a national network and forum for Black and African American HR practitioners.
  • To serve as a resource to individuals interested in entering the Human Resources profession.
  • To conduct, monitor and disseminate research and analysis on major workforce issues.
  • To influence platforms of national and international organizations on human capital best practices.
  • To establish a mechanism to monitor legislation and other factors that affect Human Resources practitioners and to develop strategies that effectively represent membership interests.
  • To provide opportunities for professional development which advances and expands the knowledge of HR practitioners.
  • To provide vehicles for connectivity and best-practice sharing amongst members

Meet the Team

Our Michigan based team work hard to serve our members.


LEE Meadows


Alison Bailey Headshot

Dr. Alison Bailey

V.P. of Communications

Natalie Brown Headshot

Natalie Brown

V.P. of Web Design and Maintenance

Gloria Raines. Headshot 1

Gloria Raines

V.P. of Corporate Development

Donna Wilson Headshot 2

Donna Wilson

     V.P. of College Relations

Nadia Sellers

V.P. of Marketing

Fermeko Miles

Fermeko Miles

V.P. of Chapter Relations

Jason Blanks Headshot

Jason Blanks

V.P. of Grants

Janelle Thomas Headshot

Janelle Thomas

V.P. of Membership

David Watkins Headshot

David Watkins

Events Photographer

Dandridge Floyd

Deandridge Floyd

  V.P. of Legal

Candy Johnson Headshot

Candy Johnson

V.P. of Finance

Sonjia Carpenter Headshot 2

Sonjia Carpenter

V.P. of Special Projects

Sharri Watkins

Sharri Watkin

V.P. of Business/Networking Meetings

Sheri Moore



Next Steps...

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